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day 1403: No Fear!

While on a pilgrimage walk on the Camino de Santiago (St. James Way) in Spain, I asked some of the most committed and courageous faith-driven business leaders I know to guest contribute to Purposed worKING.  Enjoy! – Rusty


“For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”

Recently at work, I’ve been given opportunities to have what I call ‘blackout experiences’ – or what other people refer to as public speaking. I say blackout because I remember the beginning moments of what I’m saying and then just like that, it’s over and I have no idea what happened. It’s a lot like when you’re driving down the road and you suddenly realize you just went 40 miles and you don’t remember a lick of it. Bad I know, but true. A poll I saw said that people are more afraid of public speaking than being buried alive! Now that’s crazy-talk. Buried alive is way up there on the scary list for me. WAY. But let’s put that aside, shall we?

Public speaking is a nerve-wracking experience, but as I’m just starting to discover, it’s also a faith-building one. Though I’ve begun each time knowing it could be a complete disaster, I’ve simultaneously been filled with a surprising sense of peace and calm. Part of the calm no doubt came from the knowledge I was being carried by the prayers of my warriors (thanks mom and dad). Part I suspect, was knowing I’d done all I knew to prepare. But the main reason for my peace (that literally surpasses my own understanding!) was God’s promise – Do not fear; I will help you. And He did. And He does. And He will.  
Reference: Isaiah 41:13 (NIV)
Kiel Murray