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day 3K265: Why Can’t We Fix This?

“A little farther up the shore Jesus saw Zebedee’s sons, James and John, in a boat repairing their nets.”

How about that school in Massachusetts that can’t turn their lights off?  It’s a school that put in a new software system to run the lighting for the 7000+ fixtures and since August of 2021 they haven’t been able to figure out how to turn them off (word has it that it will be this month of February that they will finally get them fixed).  This is a magnified example of what happens to each of us when Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. upgrade or change their software and something goes awry on our personal systems and we have no way of fixing it until the software developers hear of the bug, make it a priority, and then fix it.  It should be a good reminder to us that when we change things for our customers or clients whether our own software, a process, a procedure, even forms and policies, that someone (or more) will feel like that school in Massachusetts that they have a problem and can’t figure out how to get it fixed!

It’s not something anyone would really notice, but I have.  When Jesus came to call the soon to be Disciples,  James and John to come follow Him, we are told they were repairing their nets. Now, these could have been regular wear and tear repairs, but it’s also possibe that these were nets that they had recently sourced from someone different and new and the nets either didn’t hold up, or the design wasn’t working like other nets, and James and John were having to repair them in frustration and weariness.  In moments when we are repairing something (literally and figuratively) we can get to the point where we just want to give up.  Maybe that is where James and John were in the moment that they first met Jesus.  That is what He does for us; He finds us in those moments when are at the end of our nets or when we’ve tried everything we know to do and we still can’t get the lights to go off.  Today, we might be at one of those times and it will be a good time to stop and listen and hear Him calling to us to just follow His way.

Reference: Mark 1:19 (New Living Testament)