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day 2340: Most Admired

“Watch out! Don’t do your good deeds publicly, to be admired by others, for you will lose the reward from your Father in heaven.”

On Friday, Fortune Magazine again released their annual list of “Most Admired Companies”.  Not surprising (BTW, the list was compiled before they announced their return of foreign profits to the US and investment in US jobs and a new second headquarters), Apple leads the way.  Here are the rest of the most admired:

Most Admired




The only two on the list that at all are quizzical to me are the two that most of us don’t have some regular interaction with and those are Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase.  I also get past JPMorgan as we do see Chase Bank in many consumer oriented activities/locations, etc.  So, that leaves us with, “Why Berkshire Hathaway”?  Of course we know the financial success of Warren Buffett and his team.  But, if we have been watching closely, Berkshire Hathaway has been inching closer and closer to becoming a known consumer service brand.  Have you noticed the real estate signs? Have you seen the moving trucks?  Other companies brands are tag-lined now with “A Berkshire Hathaway Company”.  What does this tell us?  What it says to me is that our brand recognition is the first step in driving admiration.  There are many awesome companies that deliver phenomenal results to their customers, employees and shareholders.  And we may never have heard of them, yet.  So, when your marketing person talks about the importance of your “brand”, or your Talent leader/recruiters make mention of the “employment brand”, take notice because our brands can be managed, improved and cared for, which can lead to the deepening of the emotional relationship with our consumer and customers; admiration.

Jesus is VERY clear on from whom we are to seek admiration and not!  But, it is not lost on God that those who strive to lead their lives as He has taught us, will gain admiration in the eyes of the Father and from others around us.  If we are truly being salt and light of the world and those characteristics set us apart in a good way, then there will be, by default, admiration.  The key is to not be seeking it as the driver of who we are.  Like the brands above, they don’t run their business with the goal of becoming the “Most Admired”, they lead their businesses with let’s be true to a brand that meets the needs and desires of our consumers first and foremost and then let the admiration follow. And so, are we to be.  Let’s be consistent in who we are with our beliefs, values and principles within our jobs and then when admiration is bestowed let’s be ready to share “why”.

Reference: Matthew 6:1 (New Living Translation)