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day 2029: Overnight Delivery

“Don’t sin by letting anger control you.Think about it overnight and remain silent.”

We have little time to think today before we are expected to speak, respond or decide.  Technology based communication is like the waves of the ocean.  It just keeps coming and coming and there isn’t any turning it off.  Even when we take ourselves “off the grid” we know that the waves are splashing up on an empty beach and making a pile that will need to soon be dug out and all the way through.  And more than we like, some of the communications are going to make us angry and because we get angry, we are going to respond hastily and potentially recklessly.  Thank you FedEx for conditioning us first that we can get anything overnight.  But, there are certain things that should sit longer until they are delivered and a response that is rooted in anger is one of them.  So, let the fire burn out, toss some water on the embers and then wait until tomorrow to respond.

I’m pretty sure that King David’s advice to use overnight to think before responding would still stand in our current culture.  I sometimes forget when I read the Psalms and Proverbs that these weren’t just written by men who were inspired to capture their thoughts on parchment so they could be read thousands of years later.  These were written by men who were powerful and experienced rulers.  And they didn’t get to their thrones easily.  They were battle-tested Kings that left us with daily words of wise and experienced counsel and encouragement.  So, when we read Psalms 4:4, we should also be hearing in our minds a King on a throne passing along His best advice.  We sit at the foot of our culture’s CEOs and sometimes hang tightly on their words to help us perform and succeed.  We should give even more credence to those who God appointed Kings. Sleep on that thought tonight.

Reference: Psalm 4:4 (New Living Translation)