day 91: Rescue Plans, part 3 – Rebuild!

God needed to help the people of Israel as their land was without jobs or wages for people or animals. He gave them a rescue plan by putting the people back to work to rebuild the Temple of the Lord. It was a terrible time in the land. Beyond no jobs safety was compromised and no traveler was safe and there were enemies at each corner of the land. I picture the worst of the worst and what might have made our recessions and depressions look tame. God got the people working and had them pour their energy, spirit and resources into the rebuilding of the Temple. The message in Zechariah, Chapter 8 is clear; God is about rebuilding and we are to be a part of His plans. There is another message that I take from these passages in that when the going gets tough He puts His Temple in front of us to rebuild. In today’s times that are as tough as any of have seen, when we worry about the security of the job we have or finding another position to replace the one we just lost, we have to find a point of focus and faith. He gives us that in verse 13 when we are told, “So don’t be discouraged, but instead get on with rebuilding the Temple”. Today, for us, the rebuilding is the relationship we can have with Him. He tells us that our bodies are the temple and we need to ensure that the relationship with God within them is strong, stable and secure. So much of our lives are filled with turmoil and challenges that come at us from all angles, work included. What God is telling us is that we don’t have to be discouraged or worried about any of these if we are about the work of rebuilding His temple within our lives. God loves to see us do well and to do the work He has given us with all the might and energy that we can muster. Today as we face the continuing bad news, the curve ball that we weren’t expecting, or the decision made by someone else that affects us but we can’t do anything about, then let’s call on His words and let’s not be discouraged but instead take heart in knowing that we are being rebuilt anew!

Reference: Zechariah 8: 9-13 (New Living Testament)

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