day 565: On The Spot

I couldn’t begin to tell you the number of times that I have seen people be given assignments for no other reason than they were in the right place at the right time, and really, they just happened to be “on the spot” at the moment the boss was looking for someone to pass the baton. In the days before technology, that meant being around the office and as one of my friends likes to say, “being present to win”. Today, that same proximity comes from being available by phone, SMS or email. But, we can’t be available all the time, otherwise we will burn out and/or have others at home getting burnt out with our obsessiveness. So, what can we do to ensure that we are still on the spot when we need to be but have a life at the same time? Part of this is in being proactive with the communication of our schedules and ensuring that our boss knows where, if they need us, to find us, but also being honest about the time that we are spending with family, friends, etc. If we are going away for the weekend, let the boss know and don’t feel bad about disclosing that it is a special time, etc. It’s quite okay to say after informing of your plans, “but if you really need me, do call”. What this does is two-fold. It still leaves the door open but at the same time helps the boss in thinking through timing. Armed with the knowledge there is a confidence that the call doesn’t need to be made on Saturday night if it’s known that we are available on Sunday afternoon on the drive home. It’s not perfect, but it is a way to manage both being responsive and available while having a little balance and still not missing out on the work that you want to come. And, we can’t feel bad about not being instantaneous in our availability and answers all the time. Only One can legitimately lay claim to this. We read in Isaiah 30:19, “He will respond instantaneously to the sound of your cries”. No on can always be on the spot, but God can be for us. He can also help us ensure that we gain the right assignments if we ask Him to direct what comes our way and what doesn’t. As we know, He gives and He takes away. Let’s refocus ourselves so that we are always on the spot with Him and then let Him take it from there for us.

Reference: Isaiah 30:19 (New Living Testament)

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