day 3K99: The Four Day Workweek

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”

The Four-day workweek.  Is it coming to the US soon?  It might be if some have their way but many others, according to recent surveys are fine with the five-day week as long as they have flexibility in their work hours.  That means, if I can get my work done in four days then I’m done.  If it takes me five, then okay.  What all of this says to me is that we are going to have to get much, much better at understanding what it really takes to get a job done.  So many jobs we have in our companies and organizations don’t have quantified measurements of how many hours it takes to get the work done.  Take a CFO (or even a CEO), do we really know how many hours in a week is required to complete the job?  We don’t because two different people can be successful by each putting in radically different hours.  We’ve got a lot to learn, that quite honestly we never had a reason to understand before, but today, we do.

As we try our best to bring glory to God through our work it isn’t about how much we do, but it can be very much about how we do it.  Whether one day or everyday, how we show up to others in our work is our living testimony.  Yes, I know it is Friday and it would be great this week to have only had to work four days, but since we do have work to do today , let’s turn this into a day where every bit of what we do is complete in all ways expected by those we work with and from the God we serve.  If we can do that, it’s a great way to finish the week!

Reference:  Colossians 3:23 (New Living Translation)

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