day 3K91: Who’s Watching?

“God would surely have known it, for he knows the secrets of every heart.”

Apple has a problem.  The new Apple AirTags are being used for purposes they were not intended; people are tracking other people without their consent.  By dropping an AirTag in car seat, or into a coat pocket or purse, then the AirTag becomes a tracking device.  Apple is now trying to change the technology to not let this happen and will begin notifying us when a device is on our phone network and “traveling with us”.  This is a reminder that technology, or any product can be built for one purpose and then someone who is creative (or devious) will find another way to to use it for purposes we didn’t intend, or maybe didn’t even imagine.  It seems to happen every time and in this case, we now are forewarned someone else might be watching.

I’ve been around long enough now to know that in this age of technology there is always someone watching and there are no secrets.  There are certainly no secrets from God so if we are harboring the thought that we can get away with something and think that our coworkers or others might not find out, think again.  If we are wondering “Who’s watching”, just act as if, “He is” and also “Everyone is”.

Reference:  Psalm 44:21 (New Living Translation)



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