day 3K363: One Of A Kind?

“And the very hairs on your head are all numbered.”

What is it about us that we go above and beyond for “one of a kind”?  It can be for items, experiences and people.  The recruiting function within our companies and organizations are out there trying to bring in that “one of a kind” talent.  But, what if when it comes to people, “one of a kind” is a misnomer, at least in how we look. I was once stopped in San Francisco by a group of people from Russia who were convinced I was a famous Russian comedian.  Literally, they thought I was lying and trying to get away from them as I was telling them, “I am not him.”  I forget his name now but when I looked him up online I could see how they might have been mistaken. It was weird.  I recently saw this picture of people who look alike but aren’t at all related:







I guess if we consider how many billions of people who have passed through time, we can be unique but very close in our appearance even when we aren’t related.  Might there be more than one of us out there?  Maybe this is why we value “one of a kind” so greatly.

In God’s eyes though we are very unique and only one of us for all time. If He knows every hair and they are numbered then we can know that He has created us intimately and with each of us being a unique signature of His.  While we might sometimes feel (especially in our work) that we are just like hundreds or even thousands who do we what we do, we are assured that He sees us as a one of a kind with a plan for our lives that is only ours.

Reference: Matthew 10:30 (New Living Translation)



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