day 3K361: A Beautiful Day In This Neighborhood

“… but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.”

If you have been requested (or required) to return to work in the office, you aren’t likely back to your assigned office or cubicle.  You are probably experiencing “hoteling” and “hot desks”.  Some really like this, others don’t.  Most companies are trying to make this new normal as hospitable and welcoming as they can.  This is why companies are trying to be more intentional with creating “Neighborhoods”.  It’s really weird to be in the office and someone who is on your team is sitting well across the area from you, but the person who is right next to you is in another department or function, that you never interact with.  At the minimum when we go back to the office it would be good to know that we are in the neighborhood of others who we depend upon, and vice versa.

Throughout the Bible we are taught to respect, assist, honor and love our neighbors.  Our co-workers are our neighbors.  If we are looking for way today to represent our Lord in our work, we can start with how we treat our neighbors and see if we can’t create a beautiful day in this neighborhood that we have been given.

Reference: Leviticus 19:18 (New Living Translation)


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