day 3K347: Big Days

We all love those “Big Days”.  These are the days when something big is accomplished.  It can be all kinds of things like closing a big sales deal, getting a big raise or promotion, landing a big hire, winning a big prize, finishing a big challenge, solving a big problem, and the list could go on and on.  There is nothing wrong with working hard and seeking these big days.  The key is to not let the big days define us or on the flipside not allow the not so big days drag us down.  The high of a big day is great, but remember, it never lasts long, so be ready.

Today is actually a big day for my Pastor, Terry Brisbane and myself.  After nearly a decade of working together along with a number of people, most significantly Rick Killian, Morehouse Publishing has released our book, “The Faith Code”.  Yes, today the book can be found in brick and mortar stores and anywhere online you like to buy books.  As you will read in the acknowledgments, the book would not be what it is without all of the readers of Purposed worKING.  Thank you.

So, today is a big day, but I am writing to myself to be reminded that whatever we do, it should always be only for bringing glory to God.  I pray that “The Faith Code” is just that!









Amazon Bookstore Link here

If you choose to purchase the book (Terry and I would be honored) we’d also love to hear what you think of the book.  You can do that by reaching to me and also leaving a review on Amazon!


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