day 3K342: Simpler Times

Now, Father, bring me into the glory we shared before the world began.”

At some point in our work (and life) nearly all of us have probably wished for “simpler times”.  Never before have we been so tethered to others who communicate us to freely and without barriers, only requiring us to feel that we need to respond immediately. That velocity of communication has brought a new complexity to our lives.  No wonder that we might romanticize times that felt more simple.  It might be that some of us reading this right now are the last generation that will have experienced the time before the internet and all that is has brought to us, good and bad.  That said, if we only long for the simpler times then we run the risk of missing out on all of the wonder and opportunities that the future might bring.

We are like Jesus when He was walking the Earth in that we each go through our own challenges, but of course, nothing like He experienced for us.  That said, even Jesus called upon His Father to return Him to a time that might have felt simpler or in a time that He and God had only each other to spend time with and upon.  I know that might be a reach but I love that Jesus made this request because it reinforces to me that there is a time of glory coming for each of us. Perhaps it won’t be simpler, but it will certainly be glorious!

Reference:  John 17:5 (New Living Translation)

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