day 3K341: Hammer or Nail?

“Then the soldiers nailed him to the cross.”

When we address culture in our companies we get the choice.  We can be the “nail” which, means we are being shaped by the culture or we can be the “hammer” which, means we are the ones shaping the culture*.  Which do we want to be?

It was both hammer and nails that were the instruments that God chose to allow us to be set free.  Without each Jesus would not have shed his blood for us.  Since then we have been challenged to follow, serve and walk in the footsteps of Jesus.  He established a culture for us and shaped it with His teachings.  Are we following that culture or are we trying to reshape it to our own liking?  Consider today who truly holds the hammer of our lives.

Reference: Mark 15:24 (New Living Translation)

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