day 3K33: Word Has It

“The Lord hates those who don’t keep their word, but he delights in those who do.”

Want to be liked and respected at your job?  Here’s an easy one; keep your word.  The number of people who say one thing and do another or commit and promise to something that they don’t deliver is astounding.  Yet, we accept it with the excuses provided.  But, what we don’t give (whether openly or not) is our respect and trust going forward.  Brands and companies have been successful, and lost, because of not keeping their word.  It’s really that simple.

Why would we do anything that our Lord “hates” (other versions say things like detest, abomination, can’t stomach, abhors, etc.)?  We could stop right there and start working on cleaning up our act, but the Proverb goes further and counters God’s hate with a simple way to win God’s “delight” (other versions also say, “loves”).  We just have to keep our word.  Today, will it be God’s hating of what we do, or delighting?

Reference:  Proverbs 12:22 (New Living Translation)

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