day 3K251: First Draft Work

“I love all who love me. Those who search will surely find me.”

Last month I let ChatGPT compose one of my posts.  Now, you can’t open up a media/news site without seeing some commentary on the effects and issues with ChatGPT.  Before all the mainstream news broke, I was the guest on the “Lonely Office Podcast” and was asked my opinion on the effects of ChatGPT on the labor force.  My response was that anyone who is tasked with doing “First Draft Work” was at risk.  Last week, Seth Godin said it even better with this quote: “We’ll never again need to hire someone to write a pretty good press release, a pretty good medical report or a pretty good investor deck. Those are instant, free and the base level of mediocre.”.  He then went on to reinforce what I believe is the long-term positives. “The opportunity going forward remains the same: Bringing insight and guts to interesting problems.”  I am old enough to remember the wonder of playing around with the early search engines and being awed at how quickly I could access information.  I felt like I had a secret weapon and a super power rolled together.  I feel the same way with ChatGPT and hope that all of us will become the ones that use it to its’ fullest and then bring our own unique insights forward.

I’ve written before that our Lord is the great search engine.  What we ask in our prayers, He will answer.  These prayers are our “First Drafts” that He then takes for us. Like a search engine, He answers not always with what we expect or want and not always as quickly or as clearly as we’d like, but He always responds in His time and builds upon our requests.  What ChatGPT also reminds me is that the better we are at prompting it, the better the results. And I wonder if this is not true as well with God.  The deeper our faith, the better our understanding and the more fervent our seeking, the better He can respond to what we are asking and need.  We can be confident today that our First Drafts are being authored for us, by Him!

Reference: Proverbs 8:17 (New Living Translation)

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