day 3K213: Turning Back

“But Lot’s wife looked back as she was following behind him, and she turned into a pillar of salt.”

I happened to wake up on Sunday morning at 1:57AM.  I looked at my Google Home that sits on my bedside table and decided I’d stay awake to watch what happens at 2:00AM.   At 1:59AM and 60 seconds, the digital readout went to 1:00AM and there I was with another hour that I didn’t have before.  Changing time is nothing new.  Most of us have experienced it twice a year for our entire lives.  But, what was different for Patti and me this year, and a first, was that when we woke on Sunday morning, there were no clocks in our home or cars that we needed to adjust back.  It just happened and the Internet of Things (IoT) had arrived.  We talk about and predict the future and then one day it shows up and then like so many other areas that we get used to in our work and our lives, there is no turning back.

Lot’s wife was warned, “Don’t look back!”.  When we turn our face towards God and make the decision that He will be where we are fixed from then on, looking and turning back can become a problem and in some cases, even destructive.  On this Monday, with an extra hour to think about it (sorry Arizona and Hawaii) let’s consider where we are looking and turning…forward to Him or back to our old ways?

Reference: Genesis 19:26 (New Living Translation)


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