day 3K163: What Holds Us Back?

“I have come as a light to shine in this dark world, so that all who put their trust in me will no longer remain in the dark.”

There are so many things that we know would be great for us and things we can afford, but yet we hesitate and wait. The deployment of solar to power homes and businesses is a great example.  I know many business owners who own their buildings and can afford to put solar on their roofs, which would reduce significantly their power costs, but they don’t do it.  As best I can tell it comes down to fear and trust.  The fear is that once they make the investment that the  return on that investment will not pan out.  And that fear may come from a lack of trust that regulators will stay consistent on the cost benefits that they will receive.  There is also fear that the technology we have today won’t be the technology of the future so they might be better off waiting.  The same is true of people who don’t want to buy EVs because they fear and don’t trust that they will be able to drive as far and as freely as they want because there won’t be a charging station available to them.  How many of us drive that far and how often? Fear and lack of trust are powerful forces that hold us back and if we don’t move forward because of them we can find ourselves stuck in time and in hindsight wishing we’d have made the switch years earlier.

God knows our issues of trust and fear all too well.  Jesus had to declare Himself as the One where our trust should be put so that we don’t live a life of being shut up in the dark for fear of what is out there.  We can start today with asking ourselves what is holding us back because we are afraid and don’t trust what can happen next?  In our world that is filled with lots of darkness, no one can hold it against us that we have our fears and trust issues. That is, no one but our Lord who gave everything of Himself for us to put our fears and lack of trust aside so He can do with us what He wills.  So, what holds us back?

Reference:  John 12:46 (New Living Translation)


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