day 3K136: 100 Times Faster

“But despite Jesus’ instructions, the report of his power spread even faster, and vast crowds came to hear him preach and to be healed of their diseases.”

Imagine being able to make anything 100X faster?  It’s a little mind-boggling if you sit with that thought for a moment.  Imagine being able to read this, or even respond at that increased rate?  It would be life-changing.  The promises of AI are bearing out that we will see 100X, if not more, rate increases in data analysis and identification.  A product called Forager can now identify compounds in plants that provide human nutrients. With their AI based platform they are doing it 100X faster than any scientific identification system known.  There are many valid reasons to be cautious about machine learning and AI, yet there are so many exciting (and somewhat unimaginable) positive breakthroughs to come that we can’t ignore what possibilities are in front of us.

God does not seem to be One who is about speeding up, going faster or hurrying to a conclusion.  Yet, He is the creator of all and He knew from the beginning that we as His creations would do all we can to make things go faster.  History proves it; trains, cars, planes, spacecraft, technology, etc.  We speed things up as part of our nature. The Word in so many places speaks of slowing down, being patient, allowing time to mature, etc.  But, there is a place that God wants us to speed up and that is in the sharing and spreading of His love and Good News.  If we can take what we know in how to speed things up and apply it to the sharing of Him and what He is doing in our lives, then that is a faster that works!

Reference: Luke 5:15 (New Living Translation)




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