day 3K131: Know Who Is Asking

“The traitor, Judas, had given them a prearranged signal: “You will know which one to arrest when I greet him with a kiss.”

I”m amazed at how many times that people will do things that are requested of them but yet they don’t understand why or even who is asking or requiring it to happen.  Someone who works for a Supervisor who sets out a task or makes a decision, may or may not know, or need to know if the next level of management, or even the top management agrees with this direction or not.  Too many times it is just assumed that everyone is aligned and that what we hear is coming from the top down.  Sadly, this misalignment happens more often than not and it’s those who are making the work happen that find their time wasted or even worse, they get caught up in working on something that causes the organization to drift from direction or schedule.  It should always be confirmed that what we are doing aligns with the larger goals and purpose.

Imagine the longer lasting impact of what happened on the night of Jesus’ betrayal by Judas and Jesus’ capture.  Judas brought along a gang whom were are told were some of the religious leaders, who apparently had no clue who Jesus was other than what they had heard about him, as Judas had to tell them Jesus would be the one that he kissed. They likely went about their role that day assuming that what they were being asked to do was right and just.  Little did they know.  Fast forward that after the resurrection of Jesus that these same people may have realized that they had been duped by their leaders and peers.  Did they tell their story to their family?  Were there generations to come that told their children that their grandfather was one of the men who apprehended Jesus and handed him over for an unjust death?  What impact did that have?  What we do in our work matters.  What we are asked to do, matters.  How we carry about our duties and responsibilities and that we understand the full reasons and ramifications, as best we can, matters.  There will be times when we must make a stand because we know what is being asked is just not right.  When faced with such a decision call on Him to help us know the right thing to do.

Reference: Matthew 26:48 (New Living Translation)

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