Day 3K129: The Big Choice

“Choose my instruction rather than silver, and knowledge rather than pure gold.”

Later tonight the NFL will hold its annual “Draft Day”.  Basically, this is “Hiring Day” but in front of a live audience, fans, teammates and a large TV following.  And behind the scenes, countless hours of deliberation, testing, qualifying and background checking has occurred.  Now, imagine that any one of us had to walk out in front of people and make our hiring choices for the year with that much riding upon the decision?  Well, just because we don’t doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take our hiring decisions just as seriously.  There is a lot on the line with each choice.  Not only the future of a role for the organization, but for the future of a person.  If you get drafted in the first round of the NFL and it doesn’t work out for the team or for you, you will likely bounce back with another team and still have an NFL career.  But, if you aren’t in the NFL and you get wrongly hired and it doesn’t work out, it may haunt and follow you forever.  If we are hiring managers, let’s take today’s hiring as seriously as making the big choice that all of the NFL teams will be making over the next few days.

What can we do as Believers to be better at making our own choices, whether it be in hiring or any part of our work? Well, the Proverb says it well.  Choose God’s instruction first and over all other things and good decisions will be made. When we are in tune with Him and seeking Him to direct each and every one of our decisions, why would we doubt that He will lead us astray?  Not every choice or decision will be clear all the time, but if we put our trust in Him to lead us, the right choices/decisions will be made. To trust Him in all that we do is the big choice that we all should make!

Reference:  Proverbs 8:10 (New Living Translation)


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