day 3K108: Coaches Needed

“Apollos was accurate in everything he taught about Jesus up to a point, but he only went as far as the baptism of John. He preached with power in the meeting place. When Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they took him aside and told him the rest of the story.”


I attended my first Rugby match this past Saturday in Dublin, Ireland.  It was a big match with the Irish National Team defeating the Scottish National Team.  I don’t know the game but got enough of the gist that I could follow along.  I asked our host where was the coach.  He said they sit way up high in the stands and don’t communicate with the team when they play, like Tennis.  I was amazed as the team self-manages, self-motivates, self-controls, etc.  Sometimes it might feel like that at our work.  We might feel left alone to figure things out and the team needs to come together to get the work done, without much, or any guidance or supervision.  Of course it can be done, but it isn’t the best way.  Having Managers who are with us win, tie, or lose and who are there to lift and pick us up are the ones who everyone wants to work for.


In the book of Acts we have an example of a man who was a gifted speaker and deliverer of God’s messages, but we learn that he was limited by the knowledge he had.  So, what he needed were a couple of coaches and teachers who could provide him with the full story of Jesus.  From there, he went on to great success.  But, what if he hadn’t listened or refused the extra coaching?  The ending of the story would have been different for sure.  This is the way God works in us.  He wants to tell us more through His Word, messages and teachings and yes, through other people who are willing to give of themselves for us to grow in our knowledge and journey.  Today, we might be the coach for someone else, or we just might be the one in need of coaching. Either way, the lesson is, coaches are needed.


Reference:  Acts 18: 24-26 (The Message)

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