day 38: Motion Offense

It’s time for the big decision. Everyone is looking to you to be the one who can save the day and what you come up with is going to be the for sure answer. The deal will only happen because of your negotiation prowess. We will only get this account because you always know what the right thing is to say at the right time to bring the account across the finish line. The machine will only start back up because you have the knowledge to diagnose the problem. We will only get this funding if you can do like you always do, and convince them to give us the next round. None of these examples are any pressure at all, are they? Who are we kidding, these can feel like work life or work death decisions and points in time. And, it is only worse when our necks are out there, and down deep inside, we aren’t sure we have the right answer, decision, or direction. What do we do then? That is when we follow Solomon’s advice in Proverbs 15:22 and we reach to as many people as we trust to give us counsel. He says specifically, “Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many counselors bring success”. I grew up in Indiana, and during that time, there was a guy named Bobby Knight who coached the Indiana University basketball program. Coach Knight ran what he called the “motion offense”. What that meant was that when on offense, the ball and the players were always in motion until the ball and a player was in the best spot to take the highest percentage makeable shot. My basketball coach ran the same offense and like Coach Knight, if the ball didn’t change hands at least four times before a shot was taken, he would sit down the shooting offender. This is what Solomon was saying, we need to find the players/counselors around us who we can pass the ball to multiple times before we take the shot, before we make the big decision. Do you have your counselors in place? Are you in the habit of seeking their advice and counsel and passing the ball to them before you take the shot? Proverbs says that many counselors will bring success. Today would be a good day to begin getting them in place and to start practicing your own work version of the motion offense.

Reference: Proverbs 15:22 (New Living Testament)

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