day 2999: Longing For Yesterday

“Don’t long for “the good old days.” This is not wise.”

This past week I have noticed a pattern in the conversations I have had with Founders, CEOs, Executive Directors and those who lead other organizations.  There was a shift.  It was subtle, but it kept coming up.  It goes something like this: “I don’t know where the future is headed but I’d be more than okay if we could return to the way things were before.”  That’s not all that bad, but when there is a weariness (which I was also sensing) about trying to figure out, create and maneuver the future, what can creep in is the romanticizing of what we knew and the things we were comfortable with from the past. We have to be careful about this as the companies and organizations that will thrive on the backside of this time will be the ones who took the best from the past, threw out the rest and created a new future for themselves.  It’s a daunting challenge for sure.  But, it will be worth it.

Our faith and work journey will always be hard and we need to encourage each other to stand courageous and strong.  There will be times in our lives that we will long for easier or more comfortable times and yes, we should rest in those times, but God wants us to push forward into the areas of our lives that we can be even more of a witness for Him. If we are going about it as He wants us to do for Him, the best days are the days that are ahead of us, not the days of the past.

Reference:  Ecclesiastes 7:10 (New Living Translation)


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