day 2985: Future Insurance

“Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house.”

A lot of money has flowed into places that aren’t used to having much capital available.  Businesses and municipalities alike are now flush with more surplus cash than they have ever experienced.  In some cases that I have seen there are businesses who have received more resources than they needed to start the business.  So, it leaves people asking, “How should I plan for this?”  It’s a great question.  Since the capital infusions have come from the government, there are restrictions on how it can be spent.  That we know.  But, what about the new found profits that will come?  My advice has been to focus on longevity.  If we can take the next 18 months and focus the excess profits and capital that will be built up to ensure longer term sustainability or growth, then are building insurance and safety nets for what may come.  And, while it might appear that the capital we have received was to recover from the past (it is to do that), it can also insure us for a longer future.

Solomon teaches us to plan, but not only to plan but also to provision for the future.  Why would we prepare our fields before we build our house?  One is not obviously dependent upon the others unless it is that we can’t actually resource the building of the house unless the fields are yielding what is needed to pay for the construction.  God is telling us that we need to be sure that we don’t get out over our skis when it comes to the future.  Yes, He will always provide for us, but we can do our part to insure our future by listening to Solomon’s wisdom about what comes first.

Reference:  Proverbs 24:27 (New Living Translation)

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