day 2982: L = or > C

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Reg Revans, the creator of Action Learning said,  “Learning must be equal or greater than the rate of change.”  Makes sense to me.  If we are not learning faster or at least at the same rate as the change happening around us then we fall behind and fail.  2020 should have taught us that lesson.  When change is happening so fast around us that we feel like we can’t get ahead of it, then we need to take a hard look at how fast or slow we are learning.  Learning is not easy.  It demands that we open our minds, actively engage and put in the hours to understand what needs to be understood and experienced.  I’ve seen too many companies and employees of companies decide that they knew all they needed to know and then when they were hit by something unexpected that caused them to change, they were caught flat footed and failed in their endeavors.  So much of change comes at us when we least expect it so if we are not practicing and getting good at learning then it’s pretty much assured that change will overtake us.

When there is a constant that we can count on always being the same, it makes it so much easier to learn and adapt to all the changes around us.  Our faith in God and Jesus is our constant and the more we commit ourselves to learn about Him and His plans for our lives, the more that we will make change our friend.  Today will bring about more change, it’s inevitable.  It could be awesome change or awful change.  Are we ready for either?  We can be if we spend more time learning from God’s Word and commit ourselves to His constant ways.

Reference:  Hebrews 13:8 (New Living Translation)

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