day 2956: Fame Has Fleeted?

“…but their fame will not last. They will die, just like animals.”

Maybe we don’t know for sure who said, “Fame is fleeting” or if it was ever really said instead of “Glory is fleeting” and then got spun from glory to fame.  But the message of the sentence holds true.  What is famous today will not be tomorrow and fame goes away fast.  We watched the Oscars on Sunday.  There were less than 10 million of in the US who did.  Could it be that in the time of having to expend every ounce of energy and emotional fortitude to get through this past year that those who “represent” fame and celebrity just aren’t that important to us right now, and maybe ever again?  It has a bearing on our businesses too.  Celebrity CEOs; once what everyone thought they needed, are also not the ones who are winning the hearts and minds of employees and shareholders.  I believe we are seeing, and are going to see more of, the reemergence of the authentic, humble and understated CEO getting the top seats.  There are many ways of excelling, but trying to get there on fame and celebrity might be looking like the way we are reacting and caring about the awarding of today’s celebrities.







Seeking notoriety or fame should never be the goal.   It might be an outcome of our efforts and our character, but if it is the goal, we will fall flat as we pursue something that can be taken from us in the blink of an eye.  Instead, let’s focus on the work we have at hand, the way we go about that work, and what we hear God calling us to do and then let the rest flow from there.

Reference: Psalm 49:12 (New Living Translation)

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