day 2952: Readiness

“But after his brothers left for the festival, Jesus also went, though secretly, staying out of public view.”

How do we know we are ready?  Ready to invest, ready to divest, ready to acquire, ready to be acquired, ready to take more funding, ready to sign the deal, ready for a promotion, ready for a new job, ready for the presentation, ready for anything?  So much of our understanding of readiness comes from the assessment of others that we can lose our own sense of confidence or direction on what we should do next.  It is a fine line of balance we walk.  We have to listen to our gut and what experience and knowledge tells us, but we also have to seek the advice and counsel of others to make sure we are really ready, or not.  Assessing readiness might be one of the great unseen skills that we grapple with daily.  Is this blog post really ready to go out?  Let’s try and look at our ability to gauge our readiness and make sure that we are not overly dependent on others, but at the same time, not acting too much on our own.

It was the annual Festival of Shelters and Jesus’ friends and brothers were telling Him that He was ready to attend and perform His miracles.  But, Jesus didn’t just go solely with their advice.  He hung back and then He quietly and discreetly went to the Festival to assess the situation on His own before He decided that the time was indeed right to reveal Himself. There is a great lesson in here for us.  Yes, we should listen to wise counsel and those who have our best interest in mind, but taking a little time on our own to do some reconnaissance and homework before we make our next move can be the wisest path chosen.

Reference:  John 7:10 (New Living Translation)

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