day 2946: Reentry Part 3: Step By Step

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”

Great distance runner and now writer/coach Amby Burfoot wrote of a runner who spent 15 months training in Ethiopia.  The motto the runner learned was “Enkulal kes ba kes be egirua tehedalech”, which means “Step by step an egg learns to walk.” How true!  As we consider our process or reentry, and we should think of it as a process, there will be many steps to go from what we have been used to, to what we will be asked to do next.  It will be the small steps that matter as much as the larger ones.  We had dinner outdoors with friends on Saturday night.  They were a half hour late. Their reason was that they’d forgotten how long it took to get really ready to go out.  Small things.  Small steps we will relearn, but it will necessitate patience on our part.

God wants to lead us and for us to follow Him, but He has never laid out a grandiose plan for anyone and then delivered it to them to pursue.  He provides vision (such as there was a promised land and there is a Heaven) but He expects us to follow Him daily, one step at a time.  There is comfort in that.  Imagine if we knew how our lives were to unfold and then the pressure of having to never make a misstep.  The idea of following one step at a time is a few missteps won’t throw us totally off of course but instead allow for us to gently correct back into His path.  That’s right, step by step.

Reference: Psalm 119:105 (New Living Translation)

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