day 2941: That Good Moment

“Everyone enjoys a fitting reply; it is wonderful to say the right thing at the right time!”

Without a doubt, we all know the very good feeling when we have said the right thing, at the right time and it is recognized by someone else.  It could be a compliment, or an encouragement, or an insight, or a realization, or a decision made and communicated to those who were waiting.  Whatever it is, when we have a fitting reply, it can be wonderful.  How might we have more of those?  My advice is this.  Before we speak, we think about what we are going to say next, even if that means hesitating and losing our turn or missing out on being the first to bring forward a point.  In the long run, those who think before they speak will not only be better prepared for what they say, but also de-risk themselves from unwanted words escaping, which may never be retractable.

I believe that we whom profess to follow Jesus are held to a higher standard than others on how we use our words.  It makes it harder, but it is not without its rewards.  As we get better and better at not only thinking, but calling on God to direct the words we use, then we become ones who have the more fitting replies, which turns out to be wonderful for us and all around us.

Reference:  Proverbs 15:23  (New Living Translation)

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