day 2933: Life Insurance

Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.”

I’d have loved to been in the room when the first idea of life insurance was created.  Imagine the conversation.  Someone pitches the idea of “Death Insurance” (because that is what it is, it’s not Life insurance if you are paying out at the time of death). The numbers speak for themselves as there is a lot of money to be made.  But, there is something just not right about the “pitch” and the room doesn’t get excited.  The presenter is wondering what went wrong. The room is silent.  And then, the marketing person leans forward and quietly offers, “What if instead we called it Life Insurance?”  And, from there on the meeting is filled with energy and the idea is off to the races.  A one word change can change everything.

We have one word that God has given us that is planted within us, “eternity”.  We have the promise of eternal life through Jesus, but yet so many don’t see it, or choose not to believe.  God is much more than our death insurance to carry us to eternity, He is our daily “Life Assurance”, if we only ask Him to be.  I try and look at each day as just one more step towards the preparation of an eternity with Him.  When you think about it that way, how can we not get excited today?

Reference: Ecclesiastes 3:11 (New Living Translation)

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