day 2907: Taking A Break

“Remember to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.”

I’ve been checking in with Founders/CEOs on how the holidays were for them.  Most of the stories are the same; quiet, muted, small, etc.  But, digging under it a bit, too many of the responses were accompanied with, “I worked a lot.”  It’s one of the harder parts of this remote working.  Work is more than ever, right there in front of us, just a few steps away, continuously calling like a siren. We all think we can go 24-7, until we can’t. The best way to be sure that we can be our best when we are needed is to be sure that we are refreshed and energized.  The only way to do so is to be sure we get our time away and to do so on a regular schedule and not let the pull of work all-consume us.

It’s interesting how the Ten Commandments are structured. The first commandments are about our relationship with God. The final six are about how we are to live with others.  And between those two sections, comes the direction to take a break with a Sabbath.  It might be that God built us to take a break so that we could have the free space to intentionally worship as we think, ponder, imagine, recharge and get ready to convert our relationship with God into implementation with others. The temptation is to to go, go, go.  God doesn’t want it that way for us.  He wants us to be sure we don’t forget to take a break for Him. Let’s do so this coming weekend.

Reference: Exodus 20:8 (New Living Translation)

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