day 2871: What Was Old Was Old And What Was New Is Old And So On….

“Reverence for the Lord is pure, lasting forever.”

Who would think that this year, right now in 2020 that vinyl music LP Albums are outselling CDs?  It was just yesterday that the CD made nearly extinct the vinyl album. Turntables were sold at yard sales and only collectors and audiophiles held onto their classic models.  And then, CDs were wiped out by streaming services like Spotify and our desire to return to the tactile brought back the classic vinyl LP.  While vinyl will never return to the likes of the pre-digital age, it is a good reminder that what was once new becomes old and what is new has no guarantee on the future.

I’ve thought a lot about what we “need” in this time of COVID.  It’s clear we need a lot less than before.  We have also returned to some items that were once thought to be yesterday’s news; jigsaw puzzles, board games, home athletic equipment, sweatpants and even paper-bound books.  I wonder what it is in our spiritual lives that was once new that now feels old that we need to return?  We know that all that we have here will pass, but what will endure are the things of old that God asks us to source from and make new again in our lives.  We have long days in front of us as we work through the challenges so today is a day to return to the source, to what can best prepare us for our future.

Reference: Psalm 19:9 (New Living Translation)

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