day 2863: Deep And Ready

“For it is good to keep these sayings in your heart and always ready on your lips.”

I am always amazed at someone who has a grasp of a lot of information and data and then can recite and state the facts in a way that others can understand.  It’s not just a skill.  To be able to do this takes time, energy and work. But, those who can also make evident that they are passionate about what they do,  otherwise they couldn’t be as fluent and quick as they are.  Want to figure out just how “into” someone is to something, just pepper them with questions that can only be answered from a deep understanding and knowledge set that they are ready to provide.  Much can be learned with just this line of questioning.

Proverbs tells us to do just this with God’s Word.  But, how many of us are ready at all times to do so?  I had a conversation the other day that when the question came up about what does the Bible and Jesus say, I was fortunately ready, but that would have never had happened had I not been recently deep into God’s Word about the topic.  Yes, we need to daily stay deep with Him and then we can be ready.

Reference:  Proverbs 22:18  (New Living Translation)

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