day 2850: Distancing

“Though the Lord is great, He cares for the humble, but He keeps His distance from the proud.”

Roll back to February and we had never heard of the term, “Social Distancing”.  A few months later, it is a constant thought as we make decisions of where and whom we will be with.  Yet, we have always used the word “distancing” as part of how we manage our lives.  We “distance” ourselves from those who might cause us trouble or are shady in their reputations.  Companies distance themselves from media platforms and outlets where they feel their brands don’t align with the opinions or content that is being distributed.  So, we we are used to distancing others, but no one likes being on the other end of the stick and the ones being distanced.  The act of distancing is tricky and we should be aware that there are real feelings on all side of the action.  Social distancing should not be of controversy, but even that has human emotions entwined within the decisions made.  We made one of those decisions yesterday when we turned down an offer to join an annual large gathering of family and and neighborhood friends that in any other year, we were first in line to say yes.  It’s hard right now, but the need for distance is legitimate and I hope when distancing, done for the right reasons, that this kind of distance still allows the heart to grow fonder.

Even God has His boundaries.  He makes it clear in the Psalm above  that while He is always available and with us, that He will distance Himself from us when we become prideful.  If we feel that God is not near, (I feel that way many times), then the first place we should check ourselves is our pride.  That’s the likely suspect and an easy fix.  Take one dose of humility and God will see us up close and personal with no distancing required.

Reference:  Psalm 138:6 (NLT)

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