day 2821: All Goes Well…

“All goes well for those who are generous, who lend freely and conduct their business fairly”

I spoke this week with one of the entrepreneurs that I advise.  The conversation was little to do about the business, it was mostly about juggling all of the other stuff in life that has come with this pandemic.  In this case it was about home schooling, parents health and well being, spouse’s feelings, being cramped up at home, feeling guilty about being a place with the business that things are going well.  By the time we got around to the business we’d almost exhausted our time.  It was time well spent as too often we forget the holistic nature of what we define as work. Without each of us being able to function at our best, we can’t deliver on the needs of the business. Yes, it starts at home and with us personally.  Let’s remember that on the other end of that Zoom call are others who are asking for the same amount of attention and caring as the boss is requiring.

The Psalmist brings it to a nice distillation when we are looking to center ourselves with the traits to make things go as well as possible; be generous, lend freely (time and treasures) and be fair in our businesses (customers, partners and employees). Maybe if we just focus on these three, or even one of them today, we can feel like things are going well.

Reference: Psalm 112:5 (New Living Translation)

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