day 2819: Search And Discover

“Search for the Lord and for his strength; and keep on searching.”

I’m always amazed at how Google and any of the search engines can predict what is going to happen by analyzing the search queries that occur.  In this pandemic they have been able to make some predictions (actually I think they could have made a lot more that would have been helpful) of where the virus hotspots might happen next. If all of a sudden a community began searching for the symptoms of the Corona Virus and there was a density and frequency to those searches they can make predictive assumptions that something is getting ready to happen there.  There is a lot of power in that information.  We see it in our businesses as we strive to have the right keywords and as we search to see how we are are reaching and serving our customers and consumers.  The tools will only get stronger and stronger and the search results more insightful and predictive leading us to know things long before we could have ever known before.

The most remarkable search engine of all is right in front of us.  If we want to find who we are, who we can become and what we should do next, God’s Word opens all of that to us if we will only search, and as the Psalmist says, keep on searching. Why wouldn’t we want to search to discover the abundant and fulfilled life that God wants for us?

Reference: Psalm 105:4 (New Living Translation)

Monday is Memorial Day in the US and the first holiday celebrated by most companies since the Covid-19 shutdowns, so enjoy the day off and in some parts of the country maybe even a day away from home. PwK will be back on Tuesday.


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