day 2811: Good Or Nothing At All

“Then Balak said to Balaam, “Fine, but if you won’t curse them, at least don’t bless them!”

Right now, the last thing we need is another person who just wants to say bad things about others.  I did my own experiment of political TV (across all channels) to try to find anyone who would say something good about someone who was not “their person”.  Guess what I found?  Not only is that impossible to find, but 95% of the talk is all about saying bad things about other people; it seems like they are directed to do so as much as they can.  What happens in the media, finds its way into the workplace.  Or as we know from growing up, it if is happening at home it is happening at school.  Now that we have work at home (and school at home) we can bet that what is on the TV in the background or in the foreground is shaping how we go about our work.  My advice, if we can’t say something good about someone, we are better off saying nothing at all.

The Priest Balaam wouldn’t provide the curses that King Balak wanted him to make.  After a number of tries, the King finally just said, “Look, if you can’t give the curses, then do me this, at least don’t give them a blessing”.  Basically, just say nothing at all.  Balaam didn’t stop with his blessings, which means he was on the right program; just say good things, no matter what.  But, we can’t always be like Balaam as much as we want, but we can certainly ignore the requests for us to say the bad things.  It’s going to happen to us to today without a doubt; we are going to be pulled into one of those pile-on conversations and the choice will be ours as to participate or not. Just consider this, does God really want us to be the one who joins the rest of that crowd?

Reference: Numbers 23:25 (New Living Translation)

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