day 2771: The Small Stuff

“The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.”

In this time we are in where you might be reading this at home versus on your commute, in the gym or in your office, we are reminded of many of the big and small things that we take for granted every day. We are just a few days into what will be many and I’ve talked to people who are already expressing appreciation for what they might have complained about before; having to go to the office, the noise of other people around them, not being able to find an open conference room, etc.  We don’t miss the small stuff until the small stuff is taken from us.

We are in a “new ab-normal” and our faith will be tested.  We are going to struggle for a bit to set new routines and new communication patterns, all which will get on our nerves at some point leaving us with a choice on how to respond.  When we are in doubt that God has all of this within His control, we can fall back on the promise that He is not only looking over all the big stuff, but also cares and delights in every one of the details of our lives. Yes, He is also on control of the small stuff.

Reference: Psalm 37:23 (New Living Translation)

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