day 2651: There Are No Zeros

“He said to his disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few.”

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been watching the Tour de France on television. I’m convinced that these riders, who ride every day (except for 2 rest days) for just over 2 weeks are the greatest of athletes.  The strength, the physical endurance and the mental fortitude to go out day after day in all the elements is just amazing. It’s a funny little quirk but the numbering system of the biker’s numbers never end in zero.  And how could they have any one of these amazing athletes to be designated with a zero?  They are far from that for sure.  It’s likely there is a better reason for this, but it makes me think, what designations do we allow for our employees that might be sending the wrong message?  I just had a conversation last week about job titles and encouraged the CEO to forget about giving someone a “junior” in their job title designation. He listened to me, thankfully.

As you have read from me before, we each are called to be workers for the harvest of the Kingdom, regardless of our profession or titles.  I have to chuckle sometimes as I get ready to speak at church (in RI or SF) and someone will refer to me as “Pastor”.  It makes me feel good, but it also reminds me that we don’t have to be called into the ministry to be a minister.  Our workplaces are our places to share and live out our example for others to see. Yes, there are no “zeros” in God’s ordering either as He has given us each our role and opportunity to be out here for Him.

Reference: Matthew 9:37 (New Living Translation)


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