day 2628: Worth Taking A Stand

Today marks 30 years since we saw the now iconic images coming out of Beijing, China as the protests in Tiananmen Square occurred. None is more memorable than this picture.






There won’t be a celebration or remembrance of this event in China today, but that’s the way is is many times with taking a stand. Those on the receiving end of having one stand up to them want to keep it on the down-low, or sweep it under the rug.  But, what is important is that those things worth standing up for, they will be seen and remembered by those who truly matter.

I was listening to the song, “Prize Worth Fighting For” by Jamie Kimmett.  Seems so appropriate on this anniversary day of what it is worth standing up for:

“Your love is my reward

Your love is my reward

When every day is just another struggle
And every choice is an act of war
Gotta pray, gotta press on
To the prize worth fighting for
When it feels like I’ll never make it
When my heart’s crying out for more
Gotta pray, gotta press on
To the prize worth fighting for”
Here’s to a day of standing up and fighting through for the prize that He has promised us!


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