day 2623: The Big Talk

“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works”

I was asked to give a commencement speech at Hanover College, which I did last Saturday. I felt it went well (you will have to tell me. You can hear it here starting at 51:20). What I found most interesting about the whole experience was how all-consuming mentally it was to prepare and ultimately deliver the talk.  As you can tell from my lackluster postings of purposed worKING during the last few weeks, all I could really think about was this one talk.  It’s interesting to me as I often do speaking engagements and am able to multi-task, but in this case, I could only focus on one thing.  It reminds me that sometimes we will ask people within our companies to make a big presentation but we don’t necessarily consider that we also ask them to do their daily work and that it might just be too much, later wondering why their presentation or their other work wasn’t up to snuff.  Sometimes, we just have to recognize that one thing done well, might be enough.

We will start this short work week with lots to do and try to get five days all in four. As we do, we can remember that trying to do it all is sometimes way too much.  So, let’s consider that we are not alone and that the others around us are experiencing the same.  What can we do to bring God’s message them today?  We can be motivators and encouraging and keep them going with good words and good deeds.  Those little words and efforts could lead to a big talk when we can tell them why we do what we do.

Reference: Hebrews 10:24 (New Living Translation)

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