day 2614: Data Sensors

“…for she thought, “If I can just touch his robe, I will be healed.”

If you have been reading purposed worKING for a while now you know that I am fascinated with where we will go with ability to process and turn data into meaningful information.  Anyone who doubts that we aren’t already there, then check this out. “In a single race, a Formula 1 car generates 100 GB of data. More than 200 car-mounted sensors help drivers navigate the track speedily and safely.”  That’s a green flag that the ability to collect and evaluate data in real time is already here and will go beyond out wildest imaginations.  5G is the topic of the day and once we have that network built and established, then everything, I mean everything, becomes a data collector.  How ready are we going to be?  This is an area where we definitely don’t want to be a laggard.

I was speaking on Sunday with a former member of the Pastoral staff of our church and he was describing the time that he is now spending in the Tenderloin part of San Francisco with the homeless. As he described what is most effective it is when he spends the time to get to really know someone.  What I heard is that he turns up his own sensors to get beyond a name to understand who the person really is and it is then that he truly connects. So, in order for us to best be in a place to model what Jesus taught us, we need to have our own sensors increased and turned up.  And, it is the small things; the things that matter to others but if we don’t have our sensors turned up we likely breeze right by.  So, where in our work do we need to increase our own sensitivity to others?

Reference:  Matthew 9:21 (New Living Translation)


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