day 2609: Paint By The Numbers

“Give the following instructions to the people of Israel. I am the Lord your God.”

Dan Robbins thought that he could innovate the way people painted and maybe at the same time allow those who didn’t have the creativity, but did have the patience, to create paintings one would be proud to hang. There was also plenty of controversy – was this really art? And along the way Robbins and the company that he worked for at the time, sold a lot of paint.  A whole lot! I spent a number of years following Mr. Robbins’ instructions and so did millions of others who learned to paint by numbers.  Paint by numbers is the ultimate in understanding that a “system” can be built that others, who could never build the system, can follow.  That is if, and it is a big if, the system builder can make it so simple that anyone can follow it.  We have these systems all across our businesses and we should be looking hard for them attempting to find the simplicity, so that we can create a way that those who want to follow the system, can.

Since the beginning God has given us instructions on how to follow Him. It’s not always as easy as paint by numbers but when we follow Him, the outcome is without question, His masterpiece. Will we go to Him today and to His Word to find our next set of instructions?

Reference: Leviticus 18:2 (New Living Translation)



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