day 26: Company We Keep

Yesterday, we talked about harmony in the workplace and the areas that each of us can watch and know about ourselves to ensure that we are doing our part to keep harmony. One of the areas that Paul speaks about in Romans 12:16 is the company that we keep. He says, “Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people”. While this seems a simple statement and one that is not that profound, it does have major implications to how we conduct ourselves at work. Work is one of the most cliquish environments I know. Everything is set up for cliques to be created. There are departments, groups, pay grades or bands, titles, office configurations, etc. Ever notice how people of the same title and pay grades hang together at work? If you haven’t just check out the lunch room today and take notice of who eats with who at what tables. It becomes pretty obvious very fast. One of the way that we can model a believer’s life is by taking Paul’s advice and be conscious at work about who we hang with and not let either pride or our title or responsibilities interfere with ensuring that we know and spend time with everyone in the company and we don’t slip into our own little world of work friends. It’s not that easy to do as it takes time and effort to know lots of people and spend time with everyone, but it is worth it as you will be known as the friend to all and with that comes a welcoming and respect. And when the time comes for harmony to be challenged at work, you may find that you become the bridge of peace between groups and people. What a fantastic reputation that would be. So, today, branch out from your normal set of people at lunch and invite others to join you. Start today and keep it going and I know you will pleased with the results.

Reference: Romans 12:16 (New Living Testament)

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