day 2597: Outbursts

“Their talk is foul, like the stench from an open grave. Their tongues are filled with lies.”

We’d have to live under a rock and be hermit like to not recall a recent “outburst” by someone who is in the public eye. These declarations of anything that is on their mind that makes them look better or defends their power have become so common that we many times just ignore them and move on, rationalizing them as beyond our control or “just the way is these days”.  Perhaps, that is okay, but the example we set for those who are just now establishing norms can be worrisome for our future.  The outburst by R. Kelly this week being one example that concerns me that the next “star” who feels they must get their “side” told will be even more extreme.  Social media can be an easy target for how this is getting worse as we try to ferret through what is truth and what is not, but the problem starts with each of us in how we respond to others, how we react in person or online, how we control or don’t control our own outbursts, large or small.

While we were interviewing a guest for the Faith Driven Entrepreneur podcast, he said that in his industry, which is large construction, that part of what sets his business and people apart from the rest of the companies is that they “don’t cuss”.  That’s a rarity in an industry like construction and building. You have read before from me that the words and how we choose to express our emotions are critical, and this is a great reminder that in the workplace, the power we bring as a reflection of Christ is not just in what we say, but in what we don’t!

Reference: Romans 3:13 (New Living Translation)

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