day 2589: No Favorites

“…You teach the way of God truthfully. You are impartial and don’t play favorites.”

It is Valentine’s Day and if it was a normal Valentines we would be seeing (and eating) those cute little heart candies that have sweet words on them like, “You are my favorite”.  But, not this year as the company that makes those hit tough times, looked like they were going to go out of business, got bought by a private equity firm and by the time the transaction was over and the company was reestablished, they missed Valentines. And, we the consumer, moved on.  And how many people will actually say they missed a “heart” beat?  That is the way of the world with our customers. If we don’t deliver, then there are no favorites, just another company or product waiting in line for us to try next.

God also does not play favorites, and that is good not bad. What God tells us is that regardless of what we do, where we are from, what our experiences have been that He loves us equally the same like every other person.  He doesn’t play favorites like so many around us in our workplace do each and every day.  If He doesn’t play favorites with us, then let’s try and be a little more like Him today and make everyone feel favor and love from us today.

Reference: Matthew 22:16 (New Living Translation)


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