day 2546: Deception

“I will test you with the measuring line of justice and the plumb line of righteousness. Since your refuge is made of lies, a hailstorm will knock it down. Since it is made of deception, a flood will sweep it away.”

Terrible news broke last week about Carlos Ghosn, Chairman of Nissan/Renault. After being highly lauded for years as the savior of the Japanese and French auto-industry, he was arrested last Monday in Japan for under reporting his income to the Japanese government (tax evasion) and also misusing corporate resources for personal uses (embezzlement).  It has sent shock waves across the industry as he was heralded as the model to follow.  Also in the news; one of his Board Directors was in on the whole scam, so there is conspiracy as well.  I read of this and was reminded that even the best of the best are fallible and that when presented an opportunity to cut a corner to benefit ourselves, we must stand true and honest. Unfortunately, this won’t be the last of this news about Mr. Ghosn.  I predict that out of the ashes will now come story after story about how he had led other short-cuts throughout his career, but because he was so successful no one would report it and take the chance that if they stood in front of his ascension, as it would ruin their own careers. What I am pretty sure of is that Mr. Ghosn and his sidekick didn’t just come up with their scheme as the first time they made a bad integrity move.  You don’t just wake up one morning and know how to rob a bank.  You learned from stealing from the 7/11 a long time ago.

God has His way doesn’t He?  Just when we think that worse can’t get worse He pulls out the “measuring line of justice and the plumb line of righteousness”.  I consider this a promise from God for when we are in situations where we can’t understand how those around us who cut-corners, tell lies, create injustice and hurt other people get ahead.  But, I also consider this a warning for all of us that in our work and lives that God has the tools in His toolkit to reset what is wrong and make the crooked square and that we don’t want to be on the wrong side of what we know is right.

Reference: Isaiah 28:17 (New Living Translation)



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