day 2533: Bold Moves – Part 3: Sampling

“Now go out to the street corners and invite everyone you see.’”

Fast Company Magazine recently ran an article about 10 CEO moves that changed business. We can learn from each of them.

As you know, I like to complete running races.  The good races that attract lots of runners will have lots of goodies and snacks at the end of the race that we get to take home.  Whether it is protein bars, healthy snacks, energy drinks, etc. these samples are what many times will influence me to ask Patti to buy some of them the next time she shops. But, sampling hasn’t always been a way to acquire new customers.  It was William Wrigley, Jr who in 1915 decided that he would boost sales by obtaining the mailing addresses of 1.5MM households that had a telephone in their home and using that list to reach each household by sending them free chewing gum samples.  It worked and at the same time we learned about the power of sampling we also learned about direct mail. Two for one in that case. The psychology of receiving a free sample is powerful.  If I receive something, try it and I like it, then I want to try it again, because I am already ahead of the game.

I’d like to suggest that each of us are God’s samples that He gives out to the world.  Are we not, with each moment and interaction we have with another, if we care, support and help others, not the sampling for them of what God can do in their lives if they choose?  We don’t just rush out and buy something because we are given the sample; we must experience the sample, decide if we like it, then make the purchase. We may never know what our sample for God will bring about, but we can know that if we aren’t trying to be there for others then we aren’t being a sample at all.

Reference:  Matthew 22:9 (New Living Translation)


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