day 2532: Bold Moves – Part 1: Transparency

“The Lord detests people with crooked hearts, but he delights in those with integrity.”

Fast Company Magazine recently ran an article about 10 CEO moves that changed business.  We can learn from each of them.

In 1897 the Heinz Ketchup company was hit with the public being concerned about food safety.  Instead of trying to convince people, they just decided to open up the plant to anyone who wanted to come in and see how the ketchup was made.  H.J. Heinz was the first person to offer a plant tour, attracting 20,000 people when they opened up.  Now everyone tours, but before Heinz no one ever considered it.  He gets the recognition for building trust through transparency, which is more important today than ever.

We are taught that as our heart goes, so goes the rest of us. We know that God wants our hearts to be pure and integrity to drive our actions.  With as much heart and integrity that we can muster we can set an example for others and allow faith to be transparent to others.  And with that commitment to transparency we can keep ourselves disciplined and honed for what is to come.

Reference:  Proverbs 11:20 (New Living Translation)


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