day 2522: Expanding The Lobby

“I tell you the truth, anyone who welcomes my messenger is welcoming me, and anyone who welcomes me is welcoming the Father who sent me.”

Okay, call me crazy but I have noticed something going on with the increase of ride-sharing (Uber and Lyft) at public spaces and companies.  The front door lobbies are too small.  Think about it, if fewer and fewer people come through parking garages (backdoor, elevators up) and more and more people get dropped off in the front of the building and if there are security check-ins, which are almost a given today, then the congestion in the lobby becomes a bigger and bigger deal.  One door in and out becomes a problem.  Who would have considered this ten years ago, no one because there would be no need.  But, let’s fast-forward to the future and with autonomous cars and transportation, then the parking garage is converted to more office space and everyone comes through the front door, all dropped off at the same time.  Oops, we have a lobby size problem. And when this happens, the front door once again becomes the place where we make our first and best impression to not only customers and vendors but to those who keep our businesses running and growing.

God’s message has been autonomous since the time that He handed over His purpose and messages to us.  Prophets carried the message in the Old Testament, Jesus carried it in the New Testament and then it was handed over to each of us to carry into the world, daily in all that we do…life and work.  It then begs the question on how welcoming, open and expansive are the lobbies of our lives to others.  Each day people pass in and through our lives, like they visit a lobby deciding if this is the place for them, or not.  Is it time that we reevaluate and redesign the lobbies of our lives to welcome in all who visit?

Reference: John 13:20 (New Living Translation)


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